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Message from Thomas!

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

Exactly one year ago there was a short encounter at the last evening of the First World Congress in Ekaterinburg/Russia. The delegation from India met with me for a few minutes to give birth to the implementation of the congress movement in India. Only half a year later the first congress in Coimbatore became a big success. It was the fastest congress preparation so far. I am very happy about the fact that we immediately could start to prepare the second

congress in Bangalore.

Since 22 years I am initiating worldwide congresses for persons with disabilities. On you can learn about the worldwide congresses and watch some impressive documentaries.

The goal is that persons with disabilities become empowered by participating and feel enriched by encounters with others in similar situation. Everybody should experience that nobody is alone with his needs and wishes. Together they can become a movement to change not only oneself but also the surrounding society: families, organisations, businesses, universities,cities, politicians, medias and societies. It is time to prove that persons with disabilities have not only the rights to live like anybody else. But that they would like to contribute with their individual skills to become supportive partners for a social change. The worldwide congress movement is an effective tool for this. India has become a strong member because the target group itself became active to organize their next event. We are welcoming you to become part of this movement. Register as soon as possible for the Second Indian Congress in 2019.

Berlin 10 September 2018

Thomas Kraus (

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